Titanium Round Bar

  Titanium round bar to go to a lot of products. It requires a more automated process so than the plate, which also involves a manual process. Bar suitable for many products, from fasteners to jewelry.

  Titanium bar, available in most of the past 40, the most common grade 5 and grade 2. Medical field often use small-diameter round fastener body implants and dental appliances. Round by making a very small diameter wire welding, all the way to large diameter (eg “diameter 14”) for the clutch and flywheel.

Products Information

Name Titanium Bar
Standard ASTM, AMS, ISO, GB/T
Ti Commercially Pure and Alloys
Type & Dimension Round: Dia. 5 ~ 200 mm

Square: Side 6 ~ 30 mm

Hexagon: SW ≤ 85 mm

Flat: Side 6 ~ 30 * Side 12 ~ 100 mm

Surface Blank and Polished (Annealed)
Application Chemical Industry, Petroleum Industry, Nuclear Power Industry, Marine Industry, Electrolytic Industry etc.
Certificate ISO 9001:2008, MTC or The Third Party

Stock Information

Name Titanium Round Bar
Standard ASTM B348
Grade Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 5
Dimension Dia. 6.0 ~ 50 mm
Quantity 3.5 MT
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