Titanium sheet and plate fabrication commonly used today, with the most popular grade of 2 and 5.
Grade 2 Titanium
  Grade 2 is the most commercially pure titanium in chemical processing plants for cold forming. Grade 2 plate strip may have reached more than 40,000 psi ultimate tensile strength.
Grade 5 Titanium
  Grade 5 is aerospace grade and not cold forming, so use it more often is no need to form. Five aerospace alloys will be more than 120,000 lbs have an ultimate tensile strength.
  Often the target plate, used to get very close to being made part of the final size. The material to be processed into the desired part of the closest size and grain structure of the finished parts are more uniform. Because titanium and non-stop heat transfer to the assembly of the rest of titanium is often used as thermal resistance. Titanium plate and strip bulletproof performance makes it ideal for racing protection.
Sheet is .015″ up to .189″ thick
Plate is .251″ up to 3″ thick
Maximum width of 2800mm
The maximum length 12000mm
Thickness 0.5-60mm
6AL-4V, 6AL-4V Eli, CP Grades 1,2,3,4
Firewall, driver protection, valve covers, bell housings, transmission tunnel, brake pads, heat shields, rocker shaft holder, jewelry
Products Infomation

Name Titanium Sheet / Titanium Plate
Standard ASTM, AMS, ISO, GB/T
Grade Commercially Pure and Alloys
Dimension Cold Rolled: THK 0.5~5.0              Hot Rolled:   THK 5.0~60
Condition Annealed
Surface Polished or Pickled
Application Chemical Industry, Petroleum Industry, Nuclear Power Industry, Marine Industry, Electrolytic Industry etc.
Certificate ISO 9001:2008, MTC or The Third Party

Stock Information

Name Titanium Sheets and Plates
Standard ASTM B265-2010
Grade Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 7, Grade 12
Dimension THK 0.5~50mm * W 1000~2500mm * L 2000~7500mm
Quantity 560 MT