Titanium Tubing

Grade 2 Titanium

  Titanium tubing is typically used in commercial heat exchanges in grade 2.

Grade 9 Titanium
  Titanium tubing is commonly used in aerospace hydraulic lines in grade 9. The motorsports, sports equipment and bicycle markets have also found grade 9 very beneficial to their applications because of the light-weight and strength of titanium.

To have any mass movement may benefit from weight reduction of titanium allowed to give quicker acceleration and deceleration. This gain is considered to be in the axis of motion, such as golf and hockey. Motorcycle exhaust pipe is good for applications where heat may be less than 800 degrees. Racer’s head still figured out because they saw more than 1,000 degrees, which is above the normal operating range of titanium.

Products Information

Name Titanium Tube
Standard ASTM B337, ASTM B338, ASTM B861, ASTM B862, AMSE B36.19
Grade Titanium GR 1, GR 2, GR7, GR9, GR12
Dimension NPS 1/8 ~ 36 * Sch 5  ~ 80
Testing Flattening Test, Flaring Test, Nondestructive Test
Application Chemical Industry, Petroleum Industry, Nuclear Power Industry, Marine Industry, Electrolytic Industry etc.
ISO 9001:2008, MTC or The Third Party

Stock Information

Name Titanium Sheets and Plates
Standard ASTM B337
Grade Grade 2
Dimension NPS 1/2 ~ 3
Quantity 8.6 MT